King Cheetah Full Suspension Super Bike 72v 15,000w Max Speed 80 mph / 100 Miles in Distance



Imagine The Places You Can Go!

One-Of-A-Kind 15,000w Super Electric Bike

(Shipping $550 by Freight in Wooden Crate – Less Chance of Damage.)

This One-of-A-kind Superbike has a feature that no other similar bike has because all the components are Plug-and-Play. We have gone as far as to design our own high wattage patent-pending plug which allows even the motor to be unplugged for easy tube or tire replacement.

(Maximum Speed 87 mph, Maximum Distance per Charge 70 – 80 Miles.) The E-cheetah is a 15,000 Watt Super One-of-a-Kind Electric Bike with Full Suspension, (Front and Rear), This bike goes head to head with a dirt bike, yet is not gas-powered driven and so it is not restricted in many parks.

Download the King E-Cheetah 15KW Specifications

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Speed / Range:*

  • Speed:  Max speed 80 mph with no pedal assist; (140 kph) without pedaling*
  • Range: 70 – 80 miles with no pedal assist; 100 miles with pedaling
  • Torque: 190 NM, High Torque Output

* Please Note: These are averages as terrain, incline, and weight of rider are factors that can obviously impact these figures. Other manufacturers test their speed and distance on a bike stand with no friction, no weight which greatly impact results. Our figures are tested with a 200 lb person on the bike in real-time in real terrain.

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Electronics; Two Years On Frame and Fork.

Download the King E-Cheetah 15KW Specifications