High-Quality Fat Tire Electric Bikes, Dual Motor E-Bikes, Mid Drive Electric Bikes


More Power, More Torque, More Speed, More Distance ... For Less Than Our Competitors!

EZ-Step Mid Drive E-Bikes

EZ-STEP Mid Drive Electric Bike

1500w (peak) 180 NM 1512 WH Step-Through Mid-Drive
Fat Tire Electric Bikes
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge, Easy Mounting

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

EZ-Shredder Mid Drive E-Bikes

EZ-Shredder Mid Drive Electric Bikes

1500w (peak), 180 NM, 1512 WH Mid-Drive
Fat Tire Electric Bikes
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

Why Choose a Mid-Drive Electric Bike?

Mid-Drive Electric Bikes allow 10 – 15 miles more in distance per charge than hub motor models.
And because of the motor placement, Mid-Drive E-Bikes are better balanced, handle better and offer a better quality ride.
Mid-Drive E-Bikes deliver power through the drive train and use torque sensors. Our Mid-Drive Bikes come with Fat Tires to better handle rugged terrain.

500-750w Single Motor New and Refurbished Electric Bikes

Choose from new or refurbished Electric Bikes that are priced to sell. Call us for quantity pricing.
Standard shipping is available to the United States, Alaska, and Canada beginning the first week of September 2023.

Terminator E-Bikes

750w Single Motor
Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Black Hawk E-Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Blackhawk 750w Single Motor 2023

750w Single Motor
Fat Tire Electric Bikes

MAGWheel GT3 One Wheel E-Board

Black 1500 watt MagWheel GT3 Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire One Wheel Skate Board
1500w, 40NM, 420 WH,
25mph, 20 miles per charge
A 12-inch Fat Tire provides stability, innovative shock absorbers

Knight Rider Demo E-Bikes

750w Single Motor
Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bikes US Alaska and Canada Icon

Fat Tire Electric Bikes is an Alaskan-based company with high-quality Mid-Drive, Dual Motor, and Fat Tire Electric Bikes.
While our bikes are designed for the ultimate outdoor adventure on rugged terrain, we have also designed them with an emphasis on safety.
Shipping Fat Tire Electric Bikes to USA, Alaska and Canada.

Our Fat Tire Electric Bike Advantages

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Bafang Brushless Motors

Bafang Brushless Motors

Our Electric Bikes have top-of-the-line Brushless Motors known for their endurance and reliability.

High Quality Sony or Panasonic Lithium-Ion Batteries

Sony® or Panasonic®

To ensure safety we insist on trusted manufacturers of top quality lithium ion batteries on our E-Bikes.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes with Plug and Play Electric Components

Plug and Play Components

Our Electric Bike e-Components are “Plug and Play” so it’s easy to replace them yourself.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes with USB Charging Ports

USB Charging Ports

All our Electric Bikes have standard USB Charging Ports to make charging your E-Bike batteries super easy.