More Power, More Torque, More Speed, More Distance ... For Less Than Our Competitors!

EZ-Step Mid Drive E-Bikes

EZ-STEP Mid Drive Electric Bike

1500w (peak) 180 NM 1512 WH Step-Through Mid-Drive
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge, Easy Mounting.

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

EZ-Shredder Mid Drive E-Bikes

EZ-Shredder Mid Drive Electric Bikes

1500w (peak), 180 NM, 1512 WH Mid Drive
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge.

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

Our Fat Tire Electric Bike Advantages

Bafang Brushless Motors

Top-of-the-line Brushless Motors known for their endurance and reliability.

Sony® or Panasonic®

To ensure safety we insist on trusted manufacturers of top quality lithium ion batteries.

Plug and Play Components

Our e-Components are “Plug and Play” so it’s easy to replace them yourself.

USB Charging Ports

Standard USB Charging Ports to make charging batteries super easy.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Full-Suspension System

Full Suspension in Front and Rear

A top-of-the-line front fork shock and rear suspension system provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

UltraTrek Electric Stainless Steel Locking Plate Technology

Heavy Duty Locking Plates on Both Axles

Our patent-pending stainless steel locking plates on both front and rear so you never have to worry about the motor coming off their axles.

Sram or Shimano 8-Speed Derailleurs

High end 8 Speed Derailleurs to use as a traditional bike or add a little pedal power.

UltraTrek Folding Solar Charging Panels

Folding Solar Panel Charger

A foldable solar panel charger fits conveniently in the back saddlebag and has 2 USB ports to charge electronic devices while cycling off-grid.